Ultimate guide to wow-worthy wedding gifts 2019

Welcome to the ultimate wedding gift guide of 2019. I have to admit that I love a good wedding.  In a church, in a museum, next to a beautiful river, on the big screen, I love them all.  My now husband, then fiancé, had the audacity to wonder out loud a week or two before our own wedding, “Why is it so stressful to serve a throw a mediocre corporate event with cold rubbery chicken.  Companies do this all the time.”

Dear reader, I married him anyway. 

But I take being present at a wedding super seriously because I see it as an invitation to support the love of the new married entity for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do all of us part.  Many ceremonies ask the guests to promise this out loud, and my voice is always clear and strong – “YES, I do.”  Because it always takes a village, and I love being part of that village for the people I care about. 

Wedding gifts are my favorite kind of gift to give because I believe in the power of “us”es to transform the world.  Wedding gifts are a way of conveying, “I believe in all of y’all” and want to be celebrate you to the moon and back.  So here are the very best wedding gift ideas for 2019 to celebrate “us-dom”:  the waking up, the hanging out and the dreaming together of it all. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I either own or have gifted every single item in this guide – so feel free to head over to Instagram to ask me questions about any of it @tokkigifting. We were NOT paid by anyone for these opinions (even by ourselves as it turns out…).

Waking up is hard to do

Even when (especially when?) you are married, waking up is hard to do.  My favorite wedding gifts that help couples ease into their days are as beautiful as they are effective.

The Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle:  This is seriously the world’s most gorgeous electric kettle.  It’s so stunning that I can forgive the fact that the coffee nerds who created it hail from San Francisco and not Seattle.  You can set the water temperature blah blah blah but it’s really about judging the kettle by its cover.  Something this gorgeous wakes up your soul even before the caffeine hits your lips.  $149.95.  Wraps inside the zipper of a medium Tokki Wrap.

The Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle, $149.95 at Williams Sonoma

Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker  We got this for ourselves waaaay after we got married, but the next coffee obsessed person I love who gets married will get this coffee maker from me.  We have owned cheaper and more expensive versions, and I have spent cumulative months of my life making French press coffee, but this coffee maker makes the best tasting coffee hands down.  Even better than French press (the way I can execute it, anyway).  And a RED coffee maker.  I mean.  $330.

The sexiest coffee maker in the world. Tenivorm Moccamaster. $330

Sunlight/Sunset Simulation Alarm Clock with Headspace Subscription:  Gift peace, the sun and the moon.  Or at least sunlight, sunset, and guided meditation in between.  This alarm clock wakes you up gently, so you can enjoy summer in Seattle all year long.  $115.18.  Fits inside a medium Tokki Wrap. 

What’s cooking?

Shun Steel Forged Knife:  Even though my mom says it’s bad luck in Korean culture to give a knife as a gift, I love giving knives as gifts.  (Especially after I read Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential).  I imagine how satisfying it is to slice through a tomato like buttah and I need to be part of my loved ones experiencing that.  This knife has 34 micro-thin layers of forged steel – it’s like the croissant of knives.  It still needs periodic sharpening, but it’s beautiful to hold, beautiful to look at, and holds it’s sharpness for longer than the kitchen knives we’ve owned up until we got this one.  AMATUER TIP:  Never put your sharp knives in the dishwasher, the expansion and contraction of the dishwasher heat will dull the blade.   8 inch:  $134.95

Wrap in small Tokki Wrap (in zippered compartment) or medium Tokki Wrap (traditionally, gathering up fabric). 

Any cookbook by Ina Garten.  You might have to do some sleuth work to see if the couple already owns any, but in the era of internet recipes Ina’s books still deliver the inspiration and know-how to make throwing a fabulous dinner party easier than a piece of cake.  Here are some of the ones we own: 

Copper Pepper Mill.  This is the world’s most beautiful pepper mill.  Great artisanal pepper mills like this one, made in Italy by rose gold Italian unicorns, will last a lifetime.  My sister and now brother-in-law got us a pepper mill for our wedding over two decades ago that we still use every day, and I think of them every single time (maybe it’s not a long deep thought, but a passing smile nonetheless). This is the ultimate pinnacle of gifting to me.  The way our pepper mill makes me happy makes me want to gift a pepper mill to everyone all the time. $89.95.  Wrap in a small Tokki.

Copper Pepper Mill, so you can spice up every meal every day.
$89.95 at Williams Sonoma

Simon Pearce Woodbury Pitcher  This pitcher is handblown at the Simon Pearce studio in Vermont (near babbling brooks and covered bridges). It’s beautiful for everyday water or fancy drinks at a dinner party, and can double as a gorgeous flower vase.  It’s the perfect blend of organic and modern, just like all of us.  I actually love (and may have been gifted) almost everything in the Woodbury line. $70.  Fits in a medium Tokki traditionally wrapped, or a small Tokki in the zippered pouch.

Simon Pearce Woodbury Pitcher. $70. Handblown in Vermont.

Bluetooth sous vide cooker.  Sous what?  Why do you need one?  If you like to grill chicken or beef, and you want it to be super juicy and tender, and you don’t have to want to cut into it every 3 seconds to make sure, sous vide is your answer.  It’s also a terrific solution to weeknight meals – since you can sous vide in advance and just finish in a pan or on the grill.  Never overcook steak or poultry again.  It’s a kitchen gamechanger. And you can connect it to your phone to set the temperature, which I don’t, but you could… $195.95.

Winding down & dreaming on:

Cocktail glasses for a night cap.  You can never have too many friends or too many cocktail glasses.  Or at least that’s what my husband thought when we got married.  When we split up the tasks, he took charge of the registry.  A truthful account of our gifts included (no exaggeration): martini glasses, high ball glasses, double old fashioned glasses, pilsner glasses, beer mugs, margarita glasses, sherry glasses, champagne glasses and two different types of wine glasses.  No plates.  No bowls.  And still/because, we’ve stayed married… 

This is just a small selection of the actual barware we got 23 years ago when we got married.
Mainly Crate & Barrel, Direction Barware (with the cool bubble on the bottom)

Hydro Flask Wine TumblerI need to do a separate call out for Hydro Flask Wine Tumblers – I don’t drink white wine in anything else these days because it’s so amazing to have your last sip as crisp and cold as your first.  Buy them in one of eight colors from Dick’s, which I’m a huge fan of ever since the CEO destroyed $5M of assault weapons.  $29.95 each, comes in mood brightening colors like the red ones we have. Cold cocktails stay cold to the last drop too, and you can gift the hydro flasks with a good cocktail recipe book, or homemade margarita salt.

White wine & cocktails stay cold to the last drop in this Hydro Flask tumbler.
$29.95 each at Dicks Sporting Goods.

Modern portable LED lantern:  This lantern is magical in its fun and beauty.  The sun sets so late in Seattle Summers that I’m always impatient for it to get dark already so I can bust these out.  If the married couple has outdoor space, this is a gift of hours of togetherness.

Portable, rechargeable LED Lantern.

Smokeless firepit for urban lots:  If the happy couple has a backyard the size of a postage stamp, like we do, then this firepit is the (smokeless) bomb.  Okay, there is a little smoke, but it’s seriously amazing to be able to make a roaring, contained fire in a small urban outdoor spaces. And roasted marshmellows make everything better. Wrap extra large items like this in a simple sheet with a Tokki Band – the bigger the item the more paper you are saving!

Solo Stove $254.99 at SoloStove.com.

Great, crisp sheets in magazine worthy colors.  I love these 100% Egyptian cotton percale sheets from Parachute.  They are the perfect kind of soft – not that icky, synthetic-y unnatural soft, but the well loved cotton shirt, Portuguese chic kind, crisp and calming at the same time.  Queen:  $209.  Wrap in a medium Tokki Wrap, zipped. Storage tip: I put all the sheets and pillowcases in a set inside one of the pillowcases before I put them away in the closet, that way there’s no guessing or searching for the right sizes.

Sheets from Parachute.

Of course, all of these ideas are moot if the couple already has a wedding registry where they have told you exactly what they want.  When couple tells you what they want, believe them.  It’s a bonus if one my favorites is already on their list, but it’s always more joyful to give the couple exactly what their hearts desire, whether it’s the gift of travel, eating out, or some other experience they crave.

May you have the good fortune of being a guest at many, many weddings, and may the lucky bride and groom enjoy the gift of your love and support more than even these Tokki-wrapped treasures.

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