Ultimate Gift Guide for Kid Chefs 2019

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Looking for the ultimate gift guide for kids who like to cook? Thanks to shows like Top Chef, Master Chef, Master Chef Junior, Chopped, and more, children are falling in love with cooking and baking at a young age. These budding foodies seem to be getting younger and hipper every time I turn around. Kids as young as six are winning cooking competitions with gorgeous plates of food most adults have never even dreamed of seeing on a menu.

My kids have dabbled in the kitchen, but I wish I had been more supportive of their culinary efforts earlier on.  If you have a young aspiring chef in your family, then you know they need some tools to bring their culinary masterpieces to life. Support them in the pursuit of their dream with these totally awesome gifts any kid chef or young foodie will love.  Best of all you’ll get to enjoy some very yummy treats. 

Gifting made more meaningful:  Capture an encouraging message for your young chef, or share a family recipe in the Tokki Digital Gift Tag.  Pick your young chef’s favorite animal print in a Tokki Wrap because 10% of profits from every Tokki product sold go to support organizations that are working hard to protect our planet. 

  1. DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit from Uncommon Goods

Mochi. It’s chewy, creamy, and ever-popular. But have you ever wondered how it’s actually made? With this DIY Mochi kit from one of the makers at Uncommon Goods, you and your little chef can learn how to craft this delectable treat together.

You’ll have everything you need to create the chewy exterior, and you can either buy ice cream to fit inside the treats, or you can make your own. With enough supplies to make up to 32 pieces, your young chef and the entire family can enjoy a bunch of mochi treats in as many flavors as you’d like.  Wrap in the zippered pouch of a medium Tokki Wrap like A Waddle of Penguinswhich supports the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to protect penguin habitat.

I was skeptical when my sister Jenn got this for my daughter, but it has delivered (when will I learn that she is always right?!?!).  This magical machine transforms frozen bananas into soft serve ice cream – especially when you add mix-ins like cocoa powder and Oreo cookies.  It’s delicious.  It’s fun.  And it’s (mostly) fruit!  And if your young chef likes pushing the boundaries, they can also experiment with maple syrup bacon, hot chili, earl grey tea and more. 

Another huge plus is that Yonanas can transform bananas that have gotten a little too soft into a frozen treat – much healthier than baking banana bread. Wrap in the zippered pouch of a medium Tokki Wrap like A Zeal of Zebras  which supports the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to protect zebra habitat.

Does pizza come first in your family, or is it a close second to pasta?  Either way, if your kid chef wants to learn how to make pizza from start to finish, they’ll need the right tools. Luckily, MasterChef Junior has produced this complete pizza-making kit to help them achieve the perfect pie. 

The set comes with a pizza pan, sauce ladle, wood pizza board, and a pizza cutter. It also includes a set of recipe cards they can practice with until they’re ready to experiment with their own unique toppings.  Wrap in the zippered pouch of a medium Tokki Wrap likeA Clowder of Cats  which supports the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to protect our large cats like the 500 remaining Amur Tigers.

It’s never too early to learn the fundamentals of cooking, and that includes the proper knife cuts. This solid bamboo cutting board is lined with a grid that allows your child to learn the exact measurements of the foundational knife cuts – and then to execute them time and time again with absolute perfection.

The cutting board shows your young one how to accomplish medium dice, small dice, brunoise, fine brunoise, batonnet, allumette, julienne, and fine julienne. With this gift, your child will cut like a pro in no time. Wrap in the zippered pouch of a medium Tokki Wrap like An Assembly of Otters.

I once saw a clip of a Mongolian toddler handling a knife with the mother watching nonchalantly nearby.  The image is etched indelibly in my mind as a question mark after my assumptions about what small children can and can’t do.  Apparently this also happens in places like Africa and the Amazon, but not so much in America.

If you are not yet ready to hand your child a 9 inch machete, I have good news for you!  You can start safer – for both young fingers and for your sanity. 

Curious Chef offers a way for your child to practice with knives without the risk of cutting themselves with this set of three nylon serrated knives. They’re sharp enough to cut through produce, but won’t cut skin, which makes them perfect for the learning chef. Suitable for ages 4 and up, let this be the first set of knives your child learns with until they (and you!) are ready for the real thing.  Wrap traditionally (gather up the edges) using a medium Tokki Wrap, or inside the zippered pouch of a small Tokki Wrap.

When it’s time to transition to “big-kid” knives, keep your child’s hands safe with these cut resistant gloves from UncleHu. They come in sizes xxs-large, so whether your child has small or large hands there will be a size that works for them.

Using cut resistant technology, these gloves offer maximum protection and comfort. Snug enough to offer dexterity for even the toughest of cutting tasks, these gloves give you the peace of mind you need as your young chef takes on tasks that require more complex knife skills.  Wrap traditionally (gather up the edges) using a small Tokki Wrap like A Gam of Whales which supports the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to protect our oceans.

Who doesn’t love fruit gummies? They’re delicious and they’re shaped like fruit. Unfortunately, many brands are also loaded with unnecessary sugar and preservatives that take what could be a mostly-healthy snack into unhealthy territory. But what if you could make your own fruit snacks and see exactly what goes into each and every one?

With the fruit snacks kit from My Fruit Shack you can do just that. These high-quality, BPA-free molds come in apple, grape, strawberry, and orange shapes and are paired with two droppers to get just the right amount of flavor into each gummy. Snacking has never been so fun!  Wrap in the zippered pouch of a medium Tokki Wrap like Octopus Can Dream which supports the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to protect our oceans.

Make ice cream with your child and get a workout in at the same time with this wicked cool ice cream maker from Uncommon Goods. It’s unbelievably simple to use: just add a few ingredients into the compartment, lock the seal nice and tight, and toss the ball around with your little chef for about 20 minutes.  We found it sturdy enough for even smaller nieces and nephews to get into the action of kicking it around our beachfront at Whidbey Island.   

Once you’re done playing you’ll have fresh, delicious ice cream to enjoy. Eat the ice cream alone or put it inside the Mochi you and your child are also making together. So easy, so fun, and so totally yummy.  (NOTE:  The only inconvenience was making sure to have ice cream salt on hand – we had some very disappointed faces when I first pulled it out and had everything but that ingredient ☹).  Wrap in the zippered pouch of a medium Tokki Wrap like Wolf-Pack which supports the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to protect wolves.

Pancakes and cupcakes are delicious but can also be super messy to make.  It’s always better to get more batter into the cupcake tin or pan than the counter.  This stainless steel dispenser is all performance, no fuss. Simply pour in the batter, hold the dispenser over where you want the batter to go, squeeze the handle, and dispense as much batter as you need. When you release the handle, the valve closes tightly – no leaks. I particularly love how confident and expert this tool can make a child feel.  This is a kitchen staple your young culinarian is likely to have well into adulthood. 

This gift is fun to pair with a cupcake recipe book that is sure to be loved – this one is one of the most used from our shelf: Cupcakes! By Elinor Klivans (the cream cheese frosting on Page 25 is my personal favorite). You can wrap these together in the zippered pouch of a medium Tokki Wrap like Outer Space,  which supports girls pursuing STEM education in honor of first American woman astronaut Sally Ride.

Unicorn Silicone Cake Pan by Sakolla 

I can’t decide what’s better: unicorn memoji texts or unicorn cake, but I do know which one is more delicious. This silicone pan makes baking more fool proof and cleanup a breeze.

I also love my reusable silicone cupcake liners – you can just put them on a baking sheet – no cupcake tin required. I use them for cupcakes and to make single-serve scrambled eggs with cheese for an easy brunch. Either way, the rainbow colors bring joy.

Wrap together in the zippered pouch of a medium Tokki Wrap like Bright as Our Future, which supports girls pursuing STEM education in honor of first American woman astronaut Sally Ride.

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