just scan to start – it’s easy we promise

  • Open the camera app on your smartphone (no download required!) and point it at the QR code at the center of your Tokki band (TIP:  don’t press the snap photo button!).

  • A link to your digital card will float up on your screen.  Tap and you’re ready to start creating your message.

  • Gift givers:  create an account to access your gift card.  Add an emoji, text, photo, video or the perfect custom GIF to make them smile.  It’s just a few clicks to create meaningful connection.

  • Gift receivers will go straight to view the message, no account necessary (until you are ready to regift).

Find your Camera app and check if you have QR reader installed on your phone. Select the smartphone you have below:

Google Pixel



If you have an older phone, you may need to download a QR code reader from the app store.

Android app store

Apple app store