how to regift

Tokki is designed to be regifted – over and over again.  More delight, less landfill. 

Did you know each year in American we use enough single use gift wrap to circle the earth 119 times?  Most giftwrap can’t be recycled because it’s too sparkly, color saturated, or coated. 

The next time you gift, take out your Tokki.  Just scan the QR code and click the “regift” icon.  It’s easy and fun to create a meaningful gift message!  Your gift recipient will be taken directly to your gift message first.  Everyone in the gifting chain can access the unique history of each Tokki is in their Tokki Album.

Each time your Tokki is reused, we plant a tree to celebrate.  Create a Tokki account and we’ll ping you to let you know!

We hope you enjoy gifting more meaningfully with Tokki!  Questions?  Just reach out at [email protected].  We’re a small and friendly company, so we’re delighted for the chance to be helpful.