About Tokki

“Tokki” is Korean for “rabbit”.  “San-Tokki” (mountain rabbit) is the very most popular children’s song in Korea.  The idea of reusable fabric giftwrap is a generations old tradition in Korea, called “bojagi” (which harder to say than Tokki, right?).  My grandmother used to wrap gifts in bojagi, and my aunt made beautiful bojagi from the scraps of silk fabric she saved when she made hanboks (Korean dresses).  Tokki is all about reminding us that reuse can be beautiful, meaningful, social and fun.

YES, I was born in Korea, and immigrated to Canada when I was four.  My parents used to sing San-Tokki to me, and I used to sing it to my own children.  Video upload coming soon.

Gift wrap waste may not be one of the biggest contributors to climate change, but it’s one of the easiest single use behaviors we can change.  Every year more than 4 million tons of gift wrap, gift cards, tissue and ribbon end up landfill because it is too saturated, too thin, too coated, too sparkly, or too adorned to be recycled.  We believe in looking for ways to do better every day – as individuals and as a company.

Just here, online at Tokki.com, so lucky you that you found us.

We picked our favorite non profit organizations based on experience from members of our team and our network, as well as research into highly rated organizations connected to the fabrics we chose.  And sometimes we love a non profit so we find a fabric pattern to match.  If you have a charitable organization you think we should consider, we’d love to hear about it at [email protected].

Tokki in your life

We haven’t asked Miss Manners directly, but we nevertheless advise against asking for your Tokki Wrap back from someone outside of your immediate family (or equivalent).  When you gift using Tokki, you’ll be able to track your Tokki’s journey and you can set your alerts to be notified when your Tokki is regifted.  Who knows where your Tokki will go next, connecting you to an ongoing circle of gifting.  

We’re excited to learn from you how you use Tokki in your life!  Some ideas to get you started:

Baby keepsake:  When you gift or purchase a Tokki for a baby, that Tokki can be used for every birthday, holiday, graduation, and other special occasions.  Each gift message can be saved in the baby’s digital album as well as your own – so you can treasure and revisit every celebration.

Wine club:  Are you part of a wine club?  When you gift a bottle of wine, just take a picture of the label, so you can keep a digital album of wines you’ve loved.  

Wedding anniversaries:  The traditional second anniversary gift is cotton.  When you gift a Tokki as an anniversary gift, you can use it every year to record a special message that you can save. 

Circle of gifting:  A Tokki used between girlfriends can be used to leave everyday thoughtful gifts and messages for each other – from a painted rock to a kombucha – Tokki can help make gifting more fun and meaningful.

Gift and release:  You can use your Tokki like regular gift wrap, wrapping a gift and giving it away, knowing that you helped to unleash reuse in the world.  Encourage your giftee to rewrap and rejoice.

Gifting a Tokki?

With your Tokki Wrap and Tokki Band, you can wrap beautifully in just seconds – without any scissors or tape.  Jut place your item in the center of the Tokki Wrap, pull the corners up and wrap the band around.  You can also insert the item inside your Tokki Wrap by opening the zipper located on the same edge as the “Tokki” label.  For more information, head to our how-to page.

Recent phones (for example, iPhones running on ios 11 or later, and Android 9 and later) have built-in QR code scanners inside the camera app.  “Scanning” the unique QR code on your Tokki Band is as easy as opening your camera app and pointing it at the QR code.  The unique URL will appear at the top of your camera screen, and you can tap on that to get to your unique account and digital message pages.  See more here.

Just scan your unique QR code on your Tokki Band and select “edit” then “delete”.  Your digital gift card will be cleared and you can begin creating your gift message again.

Currently, we are able to support the following file types for uploading:  .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .mp4, .m4v, and .mov.

Received a Tokki?

To access your digital gift card, scan the QR code at the center of the Tokki Band medallion.  Most recent phones have QR code scanners built into the camera app, so just open up your camera app and point it at your unique QR code.  A message will magically appear on your phone.  If your camera app does not support automatic QR code scanning, no problem.  Just head to your app store and download a QR code scanner app.

To continue building your gifting chain by regifting your Tokki, start by scanning the QR Code on your Tokki Band.  Create an account, then begin filling out the gift message.  Check our how-to page for more information, or just ask us at [email protected]


Tokki account holders may create a profile and upload content such as videos, text, photographs, and artwork.  Only you and your gift recipient will be able to view your gift message, photo and video, unless you uncheck the box beside the option “only you and your gift recipient can view.” If you uncheck this privacy box, then others who have the Tokki Band in their possession and scan your QR code can view and share your digital card.


Whether or not you check the privacy box, in all instances, the “To,” “From” and emoji “Occasion” lines will be visible to anyone who has access to the QR Code on the Tokki Band (and anyone they decide to share it with).  For more about our privacy policy, click here.

Returns & exchanges

We want you to be delighted with your Tokki product or we will take it back, no questions asked.  Please send it back to us in 30 days with the original packaging.  More about our refund and return shipping here.

I still have questions!

We’d love to hear from you!  Just email us at [email protected].